Ben and I talked about how to handle that classic line there, and how to handle it in my “kid friendly” comic.  We talked about substitutions; “You’re gonna see some serious poop”  Nah.  ”Stuff?”  Nah.  I’m not usually one to censor myself (those who know me know I curse like a sailor).  In the end, we decided to leave it alone (it would be scandalous to edit such a great line from a classic film), and block it out, since I try to keep things as PG as I can here.  I left it alone on the original, of course, so if it is purchased, you will have the option of me leaving it alone or censoring it for you.  Perhaps when we finish the story and print a comic book of it (that’s the plan!), I’ll put it in there untouched.

More on Frances and her crush tomorrow, then we’re gonna see some serious @%&$ come Wednesday in Bark To The Future!