One year ago today, I posted my first comic….”A Dog’s Life” celebrates it’s first birthday!!! I thought it’d be fun to combine the comic’s birthday with Hunter’s, and fit it into the “Bark To The Future” story; the reason they went to visit Hunter’s first home was to throw him a party! Too bad he’s missing out on that big tennis ball cake! I know it’s not obvious, but the chubby black lab under the table is Hunter’s unnamed brother, the only other pup to survive the wild dog attack in “Hunter’s Origin”. Let’s call him Zack, like Hunter’s real life brother, who is also the only other surviving dog from that litter.

It’s been a fantastic year! I’ve learned so much, met a TON of awesome people, and have fallen in love with cartooning. Thank you all so much for making this even more fun for me! The thought that my little doodles are making people smile or laugh all around the world just makes me so happy.

What will year two bring? Who knows! Perhaps a book, some new characters…one thing is for sure; there’s a whole lot more shenanigans coming your way!

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