Bear with me, dog lovers, I gotta get my geek on.

I got this idea a few days ago when I heard about George Lucas inserting a “NOOOOOOO!” in Return of the Jedi when he **SPOILERS!!!** chucks the Emperor down the reactor shaft. I thought, when else would Vader spout out a “No”? How about when the Emperor arrives on the new Death Star and wants to order out? I was actually half asleep when “Ewok in a Wok” popped into my head and I actually got out of bed to write it down, something I rarely do but should do more often (I’ve forgotten sooooo many ideas when I’m half asleep and think, “ah, I’ll remember that”).

Watch out for those ewoks, Empire. Just sayin’.

In the 7th panel, “No Cash” should be “Cash Only”; I’ll fix it after work!

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